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Lakes First Aid provides high quality first aid training for the public & private sectors, individuals and groups. We pride ourselves in delivering professional first aid courses with real, practical skills that will leave you feeling confident in providing a safer environment for your colleagues, family and friends.

Approved by Qualifications Network (Centre No.: 15350).

Principal Trainer:

Ross Wallace
Lakes First Aid
15 Station Road
Telephone: 017684 83867
Telephone: 07742 102 007

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Ross Wallace


Testimonials for Lakes First Aid

Hi Ross, Just a quick one to say thanks for producing a very informative and 'hands on' training course for the FAW Course 8/9th Jan 24.  I learned loads, feel far more confident and appreciate your hard work in delivering instruction which (for me at least) was at the right level. Trev

Trevor Thomas

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Courses run by Lakes First Aid in the last 6 months

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DateCourse TypeLocation
13/04/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
12/04/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkMilnthorpe
28/03/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Carlisle
26/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkWindermere
25/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
25/03/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
25/03/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
25/03/2024Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
23/03/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
23/03/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
20/03/2024Paediatric 12 hour courseEgremont
18/03/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
14/03/2024Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
14/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
12/03/2024Paediatric 12 hour courseWigton
11/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkKeswick
09/03/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Cockermouth
06/03/2024Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
06/03/2024Emergency Paediatric First AidPenrith
04/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
02/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkUlverston
01/03/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkAmbleside
28/02/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
27/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkConiston
26/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
26/02/2024Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
26/02/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
26/02/2024Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
26/02/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
26/02/2024Emergency First Aid for SportPenrith
24/02/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
24/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkUlverston
24/02/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
24/02/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
24/02/2024Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/02/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Keele
19/02/2024 Anaphylactic Reactions Penrith
13/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkWorkington
12/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
06/02/2024Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
06/02/2024Emergency Paediatric First AidPenrith
06/02/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Wigan
05/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
03/02/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkUlverston
31/01/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkWhitehaven
25/01/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
22/01/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
22/01/2024Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
22/01/2024Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
22/01/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
20/01/2024Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
20/01/2024First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Lockerbie
20/01/2024Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Lockerbie
20/01/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
16/01/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Carlisle
15/01/2024Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
12/01/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkWigton
10/01/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
10/01/2024Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
08/01/2024QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
08/01/2024Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
04/01/2024Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
03/01/2024Paediatric 12 hour courseKeswick
03/01/2024Emergency Paediatric First AidKeswick
19/12/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkBolton
16/12/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
16/12/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
16/12/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
13/12/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
12/12/2023Annual RefresherWigton
12/12/2023Emergency Paediatric First AidPenrith
12/12/2023Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
11/12/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkWindermere
11/12/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
06/12/2023QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Keswick
05/12/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Preston
04/12/2023Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
04/12/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
04/12/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
04/12/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
22/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
21/11/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Coniston
20/11/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
20/11/2023QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
20/11/2023Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
20/11/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
20/11/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
20/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkGrasmere
18/11/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
15/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkWhitehaven
13/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkWigton
11/11/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
11/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkUlverston
11/11/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
11/11/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
08/11/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)York
08/11/2023Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
07/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
06/11/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
06/11/2023QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
04/11/2023Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Lancaster
31/10/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkWhitehaven
23/10/2023Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
23/10/2023Emergency First Aid for SportPenrith
23/10/2023Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
23/10/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
23/10/2023QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
23/10/2023Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/10/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
21/10/2023First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Carlisle
18/10/2023Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle



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