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Lakes First Aid provides high quality first aid training for the public & private sectors, individuals and groups. We pride ourselves in delivering professional first aid courses with real, practical skills that will leave you feeling confident in providing a safer environment for your colleagues, family and friends.

Approved by Qualifications Network (Centre No.: 15350).

Principal Trainer:

Ross Wallace
Lakes First Aid
15 Station Road
Telephone: 017684 83867
Telephone: 07742 102 007

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Ross Wallace


Testimonials for Lakes First Aid

Excellent, efficient delivery of the Outdoor First Aid course in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with good balance between the practical and theory elements.

Zoe Ferguson

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Courses run by Lakes First Aid in the last 6 months

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DateCourse TypeLocation
20/05/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
20/05/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
20/05/2019Sports First Aid (two day)Penrith
15/05/2019Paediatric EFAWCarlisle
15/05/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
11/05/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
11/05/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
09/05/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Kendal
08/05/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Widnes
07/05/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
30/04/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkWindermere
27/04/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kirkby Stephen
26/04/2019First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Ambleside
25/04/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
25/04/2019First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Ambleside
23/04/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
22/04/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Isle of Man
15/04/2019Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
15/04/2019Sports First Aid (two day)Penrith
15/04/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
27/03/2019QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Carlisle
25/03/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Ullswater
25/03/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
25/03/2019Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
22/03/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
18/03/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
16/03/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
13/03/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
13/03/2019Paediatric EFAWCarlisle
12/03/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkAmbleside
12/03/2019QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Ambleside
12/03/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
09/03/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Cockermouth
07/03/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
04/03/2019QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
02/03/2019Sports First Aid (two day)Workington
28/02/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkWorkington
26/02/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkWorkington
25/02/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
25/02/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
23/02/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Kendal
16/02/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
16/02/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Ullswater
16/02/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
12/02/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
12/02/2019QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
06/02/2019Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
06/02/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkAmbleside
06/02/2019Paediatric EFAWPenrith
05/02/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseAppleby-in-Westmorland
03/02/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Brampton
02/02/2019Emergency Outdoor First Aid Brampton
26/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Isle of Man
22/01/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkWigton
21/01/2019QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
21/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/01/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
21/01/2019Anaphylaxis TrainingAppleby-in-Westmorland
21/01/2019Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
19/01/2019Sports First Aid (two day)Middlesbrough
19/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Middlesbrough
17/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
17/01/2019Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Ambleside
16/01/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
14/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Newcastle
12/01/2019Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
12/01/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseWindermere
09/01/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkAmbleside
08/01/2019Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
08/01/2019Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
07/01/2019Paediatric 12 hour courseBrampton
18/12/2018First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Penrith
17/12/2018Outdoor First Aid +F (2 days )Penrith
17/12/2018First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Penrith
17/12/2018QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
17/12/2018Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
17/12/2018Emergency Outdoor First Aid Ullswater
17/12/2018Sports First Aid (two day)Penrith
08/12/2018Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
08/12/2018Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
08/12/2018Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
07/12/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkMaryport
05/12/2018Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
04/12/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
28/11/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
26/11/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith



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