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Ross Wallace

Lakes First Aid provides high quality first aid training for the public & private sectors, individuals and groups. We pride ourselves in delivering professional first aid courses with real, practical skills that will leave you feeling confident in providing a safer environment for your colleagues, family and friends.

Ross has over 20 years experience leading outdoor adventurous activities in the UK and overseas. He is a trained surf lifeguard, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and has been an active member of Mountain Rescue.
Ross Wallace


Certificates and documents for Ross Wallace

This trainer holds the following certificates and documents. Copies are available for inspection on request.

Document TypeDescriptionAdded to SiteExpires
Insurance CertificateAXA Insurance (AC SPI 4356253)21/12/202103/01/2023
FAIB Trainer/Assessor registrationFAIB Trainer/assessor Registration09/07/202130/06/2022
Other relevant qualificationCommunity First Respnder Certificate11/03/2021n/a
Other relevant qualificationCelox - Haemorage Control Principles09/03/2021n/a
FAW CertificateFirst Aid at Work Certificate 19/11/201928/10/2022
Outdoor First Aid CertificateOutdoor First Aid Certificate31/10/201912/12/2022
Paediatric First Aid CertificateFull Paediatric First Aid Certificate31/10/201928/10/2022
Other relevant qualificationManagement of Catastrophic Bleeding13/10/2018n/a
Level 3 Award in Education and TrainingLevel 3 Award in Education and Training28/09/2015n/a
Professional CertificateWilderness EMT Certificate22/11/2013n/a
Professional CertificateCasualty Care First Aid Trainer and Assessor 22/11/2013n/a


Testimonials for Ross Wallace

Thank you for a great day, I was slightly dreading attending this course having been to first aid courses many years ago that were extremely dull and not very useful. However this course was very practical with lots of re-enforcement of key concepts. I have confident that I could put into practice what I have learnt in an outdoor scenario.

Jon Abbatt

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In the last six months Ross Wallace was a trainer on the following courses for Lakes First Aid

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DateCourse TypeLocation
27/06/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Lancaster
21/06/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Wheldrake
20/06/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
14/06/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)York
12/06/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
09/06/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
07/06/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)York
30/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Ulverston
27/05/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Ambleside
26/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
26/05/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Ambleside
21/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Whitehaven
18/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkBolton
18/05/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
17/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
11/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkStanley
05/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
04/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Lancaster
03/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
28/04/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkBolton
25/04/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
23/04/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/04/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Ambleside
20/04/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkStanley
19/04/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
02/04/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
02/04/2022Emergency First Aid for SportPenrith
30/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkBolton
28/03/2022Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
28/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
26/03/2022Young Person's First AidPenrith
24/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
22/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Warrington
17/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
15/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
14/03/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
14/03/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
14/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
08/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Warrington
05/03/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Cockermouth
04/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
03/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKeswick
24/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
23/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkWigton
22/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
21/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
11/02/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseAmbleside
10/02/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle
07/02/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Preston
05/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Carlisle
31/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Carlisle
31/01/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Carlisle
26/01/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
24/01/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkCarlisle
22/01/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
18/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Castle Douglas
15/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Middlesbrough
12/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Newcastle
05/01/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
04/01/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseCarlisle