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Luke Armitage

Luke has worked in the outdoor industry and more recently training in the wind turbine industry. He has trained and instructed for almost ten years within outdoor and first aid settings. A member of Cumbria Ore Mine Rescue Unit for the Last two years and looking to enter into Mountain Rescue in the near future.
Luke Armitage


Certificates and documents for Luke Armitage

This trainer holds the following certificates and documents. Copies are available for inspection on request.

Document TypeDescriptionAdded to SiteExpires
FAIB Trainer/Assessor registrationFAIB Trainer/assessor Registration09/07/202130/06/2022
FAW CertificateBASP first aid at work requal27/06/202130/06/2024
Outdoor First Aid CertificateBASP outdoor first aid 27/06/202129/05/2024
Cert Ed/PGCE/B Ed/M EdBTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training 08/09/2015n/a


Testimonials for Luke Armitage

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In the last six months Luke Armitage was a trainer on the following courses for Lakes First Aid

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DateCourse TypeLocation
22/06/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
21/06/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
06/06/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
06/06/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
06/06/2022Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/05/2022Emergency First Aid for SportPenrith
21/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
21/05/2022Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
18/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
18/05/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
18/05/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
17/05/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
16/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
09/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
09/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
09/05/2022Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
27/04/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
26/04/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Requal (RCF)Penrith
26/04/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
26/04/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
02/04/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
02/04/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
23/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
23/03/2022QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF)Penrith
22/03/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
07/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
07/03/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid.Penrith
07/03/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
26/02/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
26/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
23/02/2022Emergency Paediatric First AidPenrith
23/02/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
07/02/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
07/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
07/02/2022Forest Schools First Aid (2 day)Penrith
29/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
29/01/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
29/01/2022Outdoor First Aid +F (2 days )Penrith
19/01/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkPenrith
18/01/2022Emergency Paediatric First AidPenrith
18/01/2022Paediatric 12 hour coursePenrith
12/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Newcastle
10/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Penrith
10/01/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Penrith
05/01/2022Emergency Paediatric First AidCarlisle
04/01/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseBrampton