Coronavirus Update - 29th September 2020

If you have a certificate that you need to renew please note that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have updated their guidance on the deadline for requalification of certificates.

Please refer to the following page on the HSE website for full details.

You can also read a summary of the requirements as provided by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB).

During the Coronavirus pandemic our courses may have been cancelled, rescheduled or replaced with alternatives such as online learning. If you are interested in a course or want more information about a course already completed please contact the relevant trainer as their policies will vary. For details of courses already scheduled please look at our course diary page.

Thank you.


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23/07/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Great delivery, good practical sessions and excellent knowledge from Ross!

Testimonial from Amanda Henderson, Assistant head, Brunswick School
27/06/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Luke was great as usual even during Covid times.

Testimonial from Natalie Horner, Lower School Leader, Penruddock Primary School
13/06/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

I have just done 2 days of Paediatric First Aid at Kentdale. I couldn’t fault anything about the course. Both trainers were knowledgeable and clear and I feel so much more confident now dealing with any issues. The atmosphere was supportive and non-judgmental. I will be recommending this course to anyone looking for First Aid training. (The coffee was also great!)
Thank you.

Testimonial from Megan Alder-Cox
13/06/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

Both Andrew and Angie made the whole course so interesting, I would recommend this course to anyone.

Testimonial from Susan Lishman, Senior Teaching Assistant, Lindale C E School
11/06/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

Kentdale First Aid have really helped me to use first aid in practical situations confidently. A really practical and enjoyable training course.

Testimonial from David Prescott, EYFS & KS1 Teacher, Dent C of E Primary School
09/06/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Made a refresher course enjoyable and informative. Organised administration, e learning easily accessed. Trainers excellent.

Testimonial from Greta Ellis, Headteacher, Kirkoswald CE School
31/05/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

The Tutor was very knowledgeable and friendly. He put everyone at ease quickly and told us all the information in easy to understand language. He repeated anything we wanted to go over and he was courteous and ready to answer any other questions. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jocelyn Hattersley, Teaching assistant, Cumbria CC
http://Alston Moor Federation
07/05/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Over all well delivery.

Testimonial from Melissa Steadman, MSA & wraparound cear supervisor
06/05/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Luke is a very talented teacher. He inspires us all to listen and engage.

Testimonial from Duncan Priestley, Head, CrosbyRavensworth
29/04/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Rochdale Borough Council

Trainers were very knowledgeable and didn't mind when asked lots of questions.

Testimonial from Joanne Weaver, Preschool deputy manager , Burnside Preschool
22/04/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

I have done many first aid courses throughout my teaching career and this is definately the best course I have ever done. I came away from the course thinking that I may be able to apply my skills if needed in any situation. Previous courses have left me wondering if I would remember to do the 'right thing' if I was ever in a position to use my skills. I definately feel so much more confident and that is down to your excellent approach and delivery. Thank you very much.

Testimonial from Sally Hill, PE Teacher, Cartmel Priory C of E School
21/04/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

Just to say “Thank you” to two very professional instructors, for presenting such a wonderful paediatric course, which I would highly recommend to everybody .

Testimonial from Marilyn Blunt
12/03/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Very relaxed and friendly course tutor

Testimonial from Sara Stephenson, Teaching assistant , Plumpton School
11/03/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Really enjoyed the course, a good day

Testimonial from Fiona Houghton, STA
01/03/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Lakes First Aid

Ross is an enthusiastic instructor who knows his subject so well. Any questions we had he was able to answer straight away. He had nice handy tips to help us when we are in difficult situations. I really enjoyed this course and in 3 years time, I will be booking with this company and hopefully Ross.

Testimonial from Karin Kingshott, Larksfoot Woodland Childcare
31/01/2021 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

The course was great value! Although it was intense I learnt so much over the two day period. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable.It was helpful that he could provide first hand examples of events he had been to, not just telling us how to help those injured. I was nervous about going amid the pandemic but it was so safe; we all had individual dolls and equipment to practice with, everything was throughly cleaned and there was an abidance of PPPE (masks, gloves, wipes etc).

Testimonial from Maisie Masterman, Dean Barwick Primary School
21/11/2020 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by First Aid Cumbria.

Pete delivered the training In a very professional manner,as always, whilst ensuring it was fun, which is important, especially when covering such important and potentially life saving training. Thanks for a great course!

Testimonial from LOUISE Smith, Nursery practitioner , Blossom Trees Nursery
10/11/2020 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

Thank you, the course was well-organised, safety conscious in Co-vid times but still engaging and allowed time for practical activities.

Testimonial from Dawn Winnard
10/11/2020 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

Would highly recommend this course to anybody with such a good patient teacher.

Testimonial from Carol Margaret Stalker
10/11/2020 — 'Paediatric First Aid' course by Kentdale First Aid Training

I couldn’t complement Kentdale enough in the quality and care that is taken over their course. Friendly, thorough, supportive, knowledgeable, nothing is too much. Highly recommended. Many thanks

Testimonial from Lynsey Pickup, Teaching assistant , School