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First Aid Cumbria provides a range of progressive first aid courses. The emphasis of our first aid courses is practically based training which will provide knowledge and confidence. These first aid courses will not turn you into a medical encyclopaedia but they will give you the strategies you need to manage properly in an emergency.

All our first aid training is interactive, purposeful and delivered in context. It gives people real first aid skills that they can walk away with and apply if ever the situation demands.

Approved by Qualifications Network (Centre No.: 15332).

Principal Trainer:

Pete Cunningham
First Aid Cumbria.
61 Silver Howe Close

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Pete Cunningham


Testimonials for First Aid Cumbria.

Once again Pete provided an excellent course which covered realistic first aid using a experiential scenario based approach. I feel Pete has helped me build on and consolidated my personal first aid knowledge. See you again in three years.

Stuart Britt

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Courses run by First Aid Cumbria. in the last 6 months

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DateCourse TypeLocation
20/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid Carnforth
18/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
18/05/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseKendal
17/05/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal
16/05/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
16/05/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Kendal
16/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
11/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
10/05/2022Emergency Outdoor First Aid Kendal
06/05/2022QNUK Level 3 Award Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)Kendal
02/05/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
29/04/2022QNUK Level 3 Award Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)Kendal
27/04/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
25/04/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
22/04/2022QNUK Level 3 Award Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)Kendal
21/04/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal
20/04/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Kendal
20/04/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
22/03/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal
21/03/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
21/03/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Kendal
21/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
17/03/2022Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kendal
15/03/2022Outdoor First Aid +F (2 days )Kendal
14/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
11/03/2022First Aid at Work (requal)York
11/03/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkYork
09/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
01/03/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
01/03/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
28/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkCarnforth
26/02/2022Paraglider's First AidPreston
24/02/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseKendal
24/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
21/02/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
21/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
16/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
07/02/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
01/02/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkWindermere
31/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
31/01/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkWindermere
29/01/2022Paraglider's First AidPreston
25/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
25/01/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
20/01/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
20/01/2022Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
20/01/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseKendal
18/01/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal
17/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
17/01/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
17/01/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Kendal
14/01/2022Basic Life Support + AEDKendal
13/01/2022First Aid at Work Kendal
13/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
07/01/2022First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal
06/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
06/01/2022First Aid Unit 1 (CRS8862/1756)Kendal
04/01/2022Paediatric 12 hour courseKendal
04/01/2022Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
15/12/2021Outdoor First Aid (2 day)Kendal
15/12/2021First Aid at Work Kendal
14/12/2021Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
06/12/2021Young Person's First AidKendal
06/12/2021Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
02/12/2021Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
30/11/2021First Aid Unit 2 (CRS8892/1756)Kendal



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