Coronavirus Update - 29th September 2020

If you have a certificate that you need to renew please note that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have updated their guidance on the deadline for requalification of certificates.

Please refer to the following page on the HSE website for full details.

You can also read a summary of the requirements as provided by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB).

During the Coronavirus pandemic our courses may have been cancelled, rescheduled or replaced with alternatives such as online learning. If you are interested in a course or want more information about a course already completed please contact the relevant trainer as their policies will vary. For details of courses already scheduled please look at our course diary page.

Thank you.

Active First Aid Training Limited

Providing courses in England - North West

Active First Aid Training Ltd is commited, through a professional and flexible approach, to deliver high quality first aid to meet the requirements of the customer.

Approved by Qualifications Network (Centre No.: 15339).

Principal Trainer:

David Watt
Active First Aid Training Limited
29 Rivington Park
CA16 6HU
Telephone: 07961842592

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Testimonials for Active First Aid Training Limited

I left this course an enlightened and more confident 1st aided. I have attended 1st Aid courses since I was 14yrs old due to my leisure interests and it was the first time in all these courses that I was told that CPR would result in the possible breaking of ribs. If I were required to perform CPR now I would be more confident in being able to carry out CPR without panicking if I did hear a rib breaking. This I believe is vital information that could save a persons life as had I needed to perform CPR prior to this course in would have panicked and possible stopped through fear or shock not expecting possible cracking from the ribs. Dave easy to talk to and he answered all questions and has the experience to back up his teaching.

Andrew Clark

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Courses run by Active First Aid Training Limited in the last 6 months

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DateCourse TypeLocation
15/04/2021Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Warton
08/04/2021Emergency First Aid at WorkAppleby
27/03/2021Emergency First Aid at WorkAnnan
25/03/2021 Anaphylactic Reactions Dalston
25/03/2021Basic Life Support + AEDDalston
12/03/2021Paediatric 12 hour courseWarcop
28/01/2021First Aid at Work (requal)Tebay
28/01/2021Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Tebay
04/01/2021Paediatric 12 hour courseWarcop
15/12/2020Basic Life Support + AEDpenrith
09/12/2020Basic Life Support + AEDKirkby Stephen
05/12/2020Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kirkoswald
20/11/2020Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Warcop
19/11/2020Basic Life Support + AEDKirkby Stephen
06/11/2020First Aid at Work (requal)Appleby
05/11/2020Emergency First Aid at WorkHesket-new-Market



Trainers used by Active First Aid Training Limited

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