Active Aid

Active Aid provides progressive and interactive First Aid courses through a network of professional trainers.

The emphasis of Active Aid courses is on practically based training, providing knowledge and confidence. These First Aid courses will not turn you into a medical encyclopaedia but they will give you the strategies you need to manage an emergency situation.

Active Aid courses are custom-made so that they are purposeful and delivered in context. The courses aim to give people real First Aid skills that they can take away and apply if ever the situation demands.

What our customer's think

This was by far the best first aid course I have attended - and there have been many! It is the only one where I emerged actually feeling I was equipped to deal with a practical incident, on or off the hill, without being totally confused by irrelevant information. I would really recommend it - practical, fun and potentially life saving. Thanks very much indeed!!
Liz Burnley

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A note about our certificates

  • You can download a copy of your certificate by logging in to the Students' Area and viewing the details of your course.
  • You can verify the details on a certificate by using the URL or QR code which appear on the back of a certificate.